Tuesday, February 21, 2012

 Here at Skintology, we believe strongly in the individualization of all our treatments - whether it be a facial or laser hair removal, no two people are the same, and we make every effort to ensure that we don't treat you, or your concerns, that way!

However, at-home skincare regimen remains the first priority for beautiful and consistent skin care. While we advise visiting our Skintology experts for specialized facials on average once a month for below-the-surface cleansing, it is imperative that skin care at home is smoothly integrated into our treatments.

Rest assured though; Skintology's got you covered! Skintology's products are all specially designed and tailored for our treatments and elite clientele in-house by our resident chemist. Our products are built around all-natural ingredients like Japanese green tea, sugar cane, and various fruit extracts, so your skin is hydrated with the most organic of elements.

As with all our services & treatments here at Skintology, we're always searching for the newest and best technologies, ingredients, and methods - so our new line of Skintology products was launched earlier in the year (check it out in our Chelsea store!). It's also the perfect opportunity for you to try our existing line of Skintology products. Take 60% off selected Skintology products in stores (and coming soon online!) - we are confident in our ability to make you a true believer of the Skintology name.

Pictured above:
1. Skintology Skin Renewal Package - includes our Skin Renewal Cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, to be followed up with our base Skin Renewal Complex and topped off with our Skin Renewal Creme with SPF4; for all skin types.
2. Calming Chamomile Package - includes our Calming Chamomile Cleanser with tea extracts, a Calming Gel Masque, and our Calming Chamomile Day Lotion; for sensitive skin.

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