Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage and Modern: Secrets of Celebrity Skincare!

I recently read "The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets" - a book originally published back in 2006 that shared some tips and secrets of the trade in celebrity skincare - and was amazed by how relevant a lot of the advice still was! Sure, the skincare industry is one of the leading industries to innovate and update their technologies, but the philosophy of skincare has changed little in the past seven years.

Let's focus on some tips the celebrities in the book swore by - and see how their skin is faring today.

Celebrity #1 - Alexis Bledel.
In the "Black Book," Alexis Beldel discusses the importance of skincare - and shares a cheap and easy treatment - olive oil! "About once a week, I steam my face with pure olive oil... You just get a bowl of hot water, dab a little olive oil on your dry spots and let it do its work. It's an old trick that really works and your skin stays soft and line free."

Alexis Bledel, 2012
Alexis Bledel, 2006

Celebrity #2 - Paris Hilton
I know, she's irrelevant. But let's compare the skin she cared for using the philosophy "I don't work out. I don't diet. I just have a good metabolism. I guess I'll start Pilates though - everyone does it." I'm pretty sure that is the exact OPPOSITE approach you should have to skincare. But here, you can see the results for yourself.

Paris Hilton, 2012
Paris Hilton, 2006

Celebrity #3 - Felicity Huffman
Despite her statement that "I'm lucky if I have time to wash my face all day," Felicity Huffman still does "a lot of moisturizing and I'm really into Leaf & Rusher." [Leaf & Rusher uses highly active forms of vitamins, algae, and peptides - just like many of our Skintology products!] "I look at my face after I put it on and it's almost like my skin is saying 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.'"

Felicity Huffman, 2006
Felicity Huffman, 2012

Obviously, our celebrity "analysis" requires some suspension of reality - make up, lighting, and other factors can all affect how skin appears. But it's evident that the aging process has been more kind on some celebrities than others - can you believe Alexis Bledel is 30 years old? And Paris Hilton is just 1 year older! Our girl Felicity Huffman is turning 50 this year - and look at how amazing her skin looks.

Whether using products from high-end department stores or found on our kitchen shelves, skin maintenance will always be extremely valuable. It doesn't always mandate, as the beauty industry will often tell you, running after the newest or latest secret ingredient - you just need to be knowledgeable!

That being said, is there a particular ingredient you have always been curious about? What at-home skincare regimen do you swear by? Ask or tell us in the comments section - we'll gather up the Skintologists and put their knowledge to the test!

*All quotes in above post reference: Douglas, Kym. and Pearlman, Cindy. The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets. New York: Penguin Group, 2006. Print.

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